Universal Algorithms, a sound painting.
Medium: Acrylic paint, colored pencil, sound / signal vibration, 48 x 96″
In collaboration with sound artist, Jimmy Peggie

Click sound bar below to hear the sounds that created the mark patterns of this painting.

I use signal / sound waves created by our natural world to create paintings. These include seismic, gravitational wave signals and various electromagnetic frequencies recorded on earth and in outer space. Using sound equipment, these signals are converted into a vibratory source and applied to the panel surface. I then take the organic noēma forms I create and dip them into paint. The forms are placed on the panel and the vibrations carry them across the surface. What emerges are visible patterns created by resonance. Once dry, paint patterns serve as point pivot guides for pencil and other drawing instruments as I interconnect their patterns to create larger formations.

Process video below.