Terra Strata is a series of aerial photographs captured from my airline window seats. As silent observer capturing endless miles of our human-made patterns on earth’s surface, this process explores visual cartographies of hidden power, obsession, consumption of land development, energy and the environment as the images focus on our human impact (scars) on the earth’s surface including mining, agriculture, urban sprawl and deforestation. 

The act of constraining these photographs into planetary structures reinforces correspondences between the micro and macro. Geo coordinates accompany each photograph and a personal system of nomenclature (derivative of the date and location where the image was captured) names each new “planet”. These aerial images play upon the patterns, complexities, fragility of our environment. Surveying these worlds within worlds, I’ve grown to understand it is our marks that write the story and everything is connected to everything else.

Archival digital print on archival rag paper. Single signed editions only, 14×14″ framed.