In a 2012 accident, I dislocated my hip and shattered my pelvis. As I prepared for another surgery and hip replacement, I meditated through pain and loss of movement by creating bone-ish formations from clay. Over time my body healed, but these forms have continued to evolve. Noēma is now the name I’ve given to these forms I create from bronze and porcelain. The term means “mental object; content of a thought”.  These forms are not made from molds, rather each unit is formed by hand as indicated by my fingerprints and emerge from a meditative, physical process.

These intuitively formed shapes reflect biological, mathematical, and geometric data. They offer references to bones, flowers, shells and yet echo topological geometries of the torus, knots, fractals, and other forms of theoretical quantum physics. I sense the mechanisms and forces that create these shapes. They are a structural aspect of experience translated from my mind’s eye into the physical realm. As I bring these “thought-forms” into physical existence, I explore their shifting topologies, sonic properties and unique language from which new narratives emerge.

I often group large numbers of noēma into arrangements and large installations. Stacking porcelain noēma causes their delicate edges to catch and bond, while their individual fragility and translucency creates strong, stabilized structures that allow for infinite arrangements.

Assembling bronze noēma into suspended installations, gravity and movement enable their bronze edges to collide creating infinite arrangements of hypnotic motion, vibration, sound and resonance. I also use noēma as tools to create paintings. Dipping them into paint and enlisting acoustic sound sources to vibrate them across surfaces allows them become an instrument, a medium for my paintings offering new layers of material and a patterned language to emerge.

Regardless of arrangement or approach, noēma are dynamic physical “thought-forms” that contain physical imprints of my mental world. I experience them as agents of meditation which harbor the framework of consciousness within our interconnected and unseen universe.