A series of aerial photographs, 2017 to present day.

Aerial photographs taken from my airline window seats over the course of nearly 5yrs. Growing up in a family of aviators, I can’t help but feel deeply connected to my paternal roots when adrift in the stratosphere — a passenger and silent observer capturing endless of miles of our human-made patterns on earth’s surface. Along with having Synesthesia, this process has left a deep impression on how I view our existence and see emerging interconnections. Surveying these worlds within worlds, I’ve grown to understand it is our marks that write the story and everything is connected to everything else.

This is a growing (30+) print series on archival rag paper with archival inks. Geo coordinates accompany each photograph and a personal system of nomenclature (derivative of the date and location where the image was captured) names each new image.

Single signed editions only, 14×14″ framed.